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About me

Howdy, the name's Jimothy or Jim, whichever sounds comfier. I'm an amateur writer and GM with 5 years of experience with D&D 5e and 1 year with Lancer! My custom games are usually love letters to various books, comics, movies, TV series, and games. I have a passion for tactical combat and love watching players pick apart my encounters with style! Speaking of style, my games usually feature intense action, compelling villains, and fantastical settings in a plethora of genres from power-fantasy to cosmic horror. But, above all, the players come first, and I do my best to cater to a wide range of experience, from newbies to veterans, I'll be happy to have anyone along for the ride. If you have questions, or want to plan out the game of your dreams, contact me at least a week ahead of time. I can be quite busy when I'm not running games, so last minute plans are likely to be ignored. Discord is your best bet for quick replies!

GM style

I stick to a hearty mix of challenging tactics and laid-back role-playing. I use a lot of visual aids and maps to help detail scenes and directions. I encourage players to flavor their characters rather than play 100% by the book. I use a lot of narrative tricks to keep the plot focused around player action. You'll never make a dice roll unless failure is interesting, especially in a power-fantasy game. I prefer to run with a "rules as interpreted style" to keep the mental workload light on the player. Finally, I love a good villain, and deeply enjoy writing compelling bad guys to rival the player characters.


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