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Jer Jones
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About me

Nothing makes me happier than providing a fun experience for others, be it through tabletop roleplay, creative writing, gaming, or any other means. Almost as soon as I learned how to play Dungeons & Dragons as a teenager, I decided to become a dungeon master. I suddenly had a whole new way to tell stories, and guide my friends in telling them, too. One of my fondest memories brings me back to the grocery store where I was stocking shelves, and a new friend approached and asked, "So, do you know about all the dragon colors?" Work quickly became far nerdier. I love using tabletop to build a story around the creative ideas of every player, and believe even the newest players can be the greatest. The best way to learn is to play, and I'm always happy to help be the guide while that happens. I am a career journalist who loves weaving in themes from history and literature into my games, and even playing homage to the rich literary history that inspired many of the tropes that survive in gaming today.

GM style

I build games that are highly narrative in focus, with the power in the hands of the players. I'll supply the world, the supporting characters, the challenges, and the inciting incidents. If the players want to follow breadcrumbs, they'll be there, but if the players come up with their own plans, or react in unique ways to the drama presented, I'm ready to let the world open up. By default I build games with 50% combat and 50% roleplay in mind, but as the group develops if the game leads further into roleplay or calls for more social challenges, that excites me. Expect to spend a lot of time getting to know unique characters in my games. I love presenting parties with tough choices, and leaving it up to them to decide what's best — or to find a creative way to have their cake and eat it, too! One of the core themes I love to explore in tabletop is the idea of a party overcoming adversity together.

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