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About me

Salutations! I really enjoy playing role-playing games of all types. I started off playing Gold Box D&D games on the Commodore 64, while running AD&D games for my buds. After a pen-and-paper hiatus, I jumped into Pathfinder 1e, often DM’ing two or three campaigns each week. I eventually became the state coordinator for Pathfinder Organized play, running multiple games weekly and quarterly mega-events. Following that, I DM’d D&D 5th edition for numerous groups. And due to the request of my long-time players, I’m moving on to Pathfinder 2nd edition. My background in accounting means I have an eye for detail, rules, and numbers. My background in comic writing and drawing is a nod to my love for creativity. I hope to share the best of both worlds with players as we experience epic adventures together! For more details, please check out my page at

GM style

I usually flex my style depending on the campaign being run, and the types of players in my group. I believe that pen and paper is a co-operative experience, and as such involves a lot of give-and-take to maximize the fun for all involved. With that said, some of my campaigns or one-shots may be more focused on certain styles (open-world vs on-rails, rule-as-written vs free flow, etc). When this is the case, I ensure I advertise them as such.


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