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Jonathan Clark

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About me

How would you like to be immortalised in fiction novels sold on Amazon forevermore? I help enthusiastic players enjoy epic campaigns that you’ll talk about for years, whether you’re a veteran or a newbie. We record the games then turn them into novels. Starting with the original blue D&D rulebook in 1977, these games are events – my players and I co-create the storyline within a rich universe with a deep history that you dive into, create “magic moments” and add your legend to the mythology. You’re encouraged to develop inter-player relationships in stories with multi-layered subplots. With a background in NLP and Hypnosis, I use my training and presentation skills to run campaigns that are full of continuity and challenge. I used to run a fanzine called Superhero UK which later evolved into a full colour magazine called Fantazia. Since then I’ve written 6 best-selling non-fiction books and five novels. What really turns me on is running RPG’s, recording them, and then turning them into books. Every game takes place in the same universe but probably at different points in the timeline. So your decisions and actions matter and will have a “butterfly effect” on everyone else. There will be plots that make you think, relationships between characters that you’ll talk about for years to come, and combat scenes that would look great in a movie. If you’re a rules lawyer or system know-it-all then I’m not right for you. My campaigns are about the plots, the people and the unfolding events, not the limits of the rules or your stats on a character sheet. It’s role-play not roll-play, right? If you’re committed to showing up and taking part, then I’m committed to making it an adventure to remember.

GM style

It's all about the characters and their interactions with each other. Thinking beyond the character sheet to create cinematic events that people talk about for years. WHY PAY PER PLAY? Practically everyone is clamouring to get into a free game online, but there aren't nearly enough experienced DMs to satisfy the demand. Most people endure disappointing experiences like this: After spending your valuable time laboriously filling out applications, you get rejected more often than not due to the scores of people applying to play each free game. When you do get accepted, players don't show up or are unprepared. Sometimes the DM doesn't show up or is unprepared. It's a frustrating grind to go through time after time, especially when all you want to do is relax and have fun playing. I started GMing “pay to play” games for some extra pocket change, and because a few mates wanted to pay me for my time and effort. It's now grown to GMing for perfect strangers! Here are 9 reasons why professionally-run paid games provide a superior experience: 1. Charging a modest per-person fee virtually eliminates player no-shows. 2. The small fee also ensures that everyone in the group is committed to the session. 3. The maturity level is exponentially higher in paid games. 4. People don't abandon the group and quit the campaign when something doesn't go their way. 5. The gaming experience provided by a professional DM is eminently more enjoyable than what you get in a free game. 6. Material costs associated with running a top-shelf game are covered – buying and sourcing maps and tokens, rulebooks, supplements, etc. 7. Extra help for beginners at no charge. 8. An immersive experience that includes advanced role-play techniques, effects, and completely original game materials that aren't available anywhere else. 9. Access to rulebooks and supplements Rate: Each session of 3-4 hours will be £10 GBP via PayPal; you may pay for the month in advance as an option. The first session (or Session 0) is free in which we create characters. We always have a FREE one-shot scenario to get a feel for my style and to let everyone “try before they buy.”


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