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About me

I've been running games since I was a little kid, before we even understood the rules when all we had was a 2nd edition Monster Manual and some photo copies of AD&D character sheets. I love building new worlds and expanding on old ones, drawing maps and designing characters, developing open ended stories with multiple paths and outcomes, and getting the players invested enough to make those stories their own.

GM style

I believe the GM's job is to craft an interesting and entertaining game, one with challenges and peril, where the payoffs feel earned, but not so grueling that it sucks the fun out of it all. My goal is never to "beat" the players at anything but to keep them coming back for more action and intrigue. I'm happy when the players care, and the players care when I tell a good story. I tend to do voices instinctively, I'm a fan of rules only so far as they serve to structure a game, I play fast and loose with them, but I'm not one to toss them out all together.


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