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Jaye (she/her)

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About me

I’m a queer GM who loves crafting collaborative stories with my players and giving them the space they need to develop their characters. When I first started playing tabletop role-playing games, I quickly realized their transformative power. My first D&D character was a half-orc warlock named Lug-Rae, and playing as her allowed me to experience what it felt like being referred to with she/her pronouns. I wasn’t out yet as a transgender woman, but this game allowed me the space to experiment with the gender presentation and identity I longed for. I was immediately hooked, and I started GMing as soon as I could. I aim for all my games to be a safe space for queer players and players from all marginalized groups. I want to empower my players to tell a collaborative story. I enjoy running games that are tailored around the backstories of the characters, and I’ve crafted campaigns like this for all of my D&D 5e home games. I also enjoy running narrative games like FATE that have world generation as part of the first session. (And I’ve designed my own narrative-style game called After The End.) Before the pandemic, I also ran weekly “Intro to D&D” sessions for the Arizona Game Fair. I love introducing new players to tabletop roleplaying and giving them the agency to tell their own stories. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

GM style

I love roleplaying and character development, but I also have experience playing with quieter and more introverted players. My goal is to provide you with the agency to make choices that matter. I enjoy systems that don’t let the rules get in the way of a fun moment. One of my main sources of DM inspiration is the phenomenal D&D series Dimension 20. I aim for my table to be a safe space for people from marginalized communities. Racism, queerphobia, ableism, and sexism will not be tolerated. If you want those kinds of real world oppression to be part of the game, (ie you want the catharsis of punching a transphobe) we can have a conversation about including it as a story element, as long as all the other players are also comfortable with it.


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