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Hi! I'm Jay and I've been running Pathfinder 2nd edition intensively since January 2021. I love GMing it and would be thrilled to run a game for you. I can also run lesser-known systems, but Pathfinder 2e is my first love. I own the Adventure Paths, and I can also run custom campaigns! A bit about me personally: I am 27; I am currently studying Creative Writing and Spanish in university; I am a huge fan of felines. My first Pathfinder 2e character was a goblin bard called Lark, for Pathfinder Society; I got told off by another player for not casting inspire courage every round 😭 (I won't let people do that to you, so don't worry!) I actually started playing tabletop games in 2018, but due to a bad experience I took a long break. That's why it's really important to me that all my games are inclusive, 18+, and not NSFW. Want an example of my GMing style? Check out Feint & Fumble on YouTube!

GM style

My main goal is that people have a good time! I love helping characters build stories and relationships, and cheering as they triumph over the odds. I have a slight preference for social scenes to combat, and I do voices! I am also happy to run tactical combat, especially at mid-high levels where it gets really interesting! I try to weave character moments into combat-heavy games as well, after all these are role-playing games and we should get the chance to play some roles.

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