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Java-Llama (Carl)

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I started playing D&D way back in 1984 with the Basic edition Red Box. I’ve spent thousands of hours exploring the Forgotten Realms and other places in my imagination. For almost 3 years I hosted the ENnie nominated podcast Flagons & Dragons, and my writing credits include adventures and supplements for the Dungeon Crawl Classic and Swords & Wizardry game systems.

GM style

I'm a story enabler. The story revolves around your characters and is influenced by their decisions, their goals, and their plans. To help you on your way, I will offer rumors, clues, secrets, and all sorts of adventure hooks and carrots to entice your characters to the next adventure. These will all be related to what you want to see, do, or acquire. You'll get custom made tokens for your character based on the art you select, and I frequently make custom handouts to enhance play... like a deed to a manor. Since I use Roll20 for our VTT, I have pre-purchased many adventure paths, such as Dungeon of the Mad Mage, Dragon Heist, Tomb of Annihilation, and more. If you like role-playing more than roll-playing, then we're going to get along great! Bring your creativity, bring your love of story, and come with a desire to meet new people and have some laughs. The pandemic has forced many of us to retreat into our homes, but we can still enjoy this wonderful game virtually.


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