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About me

She/They I am actually a name soup shoved into a person but Jasyn and/or Haze work great LGBTQ+ friendly! But do you even Roleplay bro??? I know compared to most on this site, my experience with TTRPG pales in comparison but I hope the quality of my years makes up for where I lack in quantity. I didn't know a single thing about Roleplaying games until I went to college and then it absorbed me in it's entirety! I starting DMing in my Sophmore year through my Senior year and when I graduated college I even worked for an indie TTRPG publisher before they closed their doors. During that time I ran one-shots at conventions and realized I really do love creating stories with people through RP. I've even written for a 3PP game before! Afro Themes (Black Girl Magic, Black Boy Joy) I once got the life changing opportunity to run for a table of black players. It was my first time at an all black table and the freedom and comfort I felt then is something I try to carry into every game I've run since. There will be headwraps and braids and dreadlocks and Trini accents on some characters because those are the imagery and accents I have to pull from and it makes me happy to do so. (If you’re allergic to blackness in your fantasy, then you should avoid me as a DM. I will have no patience for ‘realism’ arguments)

GM style

I love RP - it's my favorite part of this whole thing. I run combat for you as players to have your characters do the badass things, but I will admit I have no interest in fights that last the whole session. As a DM I prefer to also reward experience for story actions instead of you guys having to constantly pick fights. (Or if you avoided a fight through really good roleplay! That should be rewarded too!) Death isn’t the end (Unless you want it to be) I’m not too fond of rerolling sheets - especially since as a DM I like to make your character important to the story we’re telling. In most games I run but especially D&D, Death is not the end of your character but rather the start of a new obstacle on your quest. Unless of course, you are tired of being Bob the Clumsy Demolitions Expert, in which case I would completely understand. I do voices and accents but my range is a bit limited (Im no Matt Mercer haha) and consider yourself warned that anytime I try to do a Scottish accent, I just end up in my Trinidadian one instead Rules Lite DM - My definition of being a Rules Lite DM, is waving past mechanics that can trip players up and get in the way of RP/ enjoying the game. For example - As a player, I never had much luck keeping track of components and can’t rightfully expect anyone else to do so! That being said if your favorite part of being a caster is finding out you have no white cloth for a spell and then like, ripping a piece off the cleric’s tunic, I certainly wont be stopping you! Of course, I do acknowledge that there are some games this will not work for either because they start rules lite or their mechanics are very integral in storytelling. (I don't think I'd have fun with a 'rules-lite' BITD, personally.) Happy to learn more gaming platforms if needed <3

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