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About me

Greetings, everyone! Hailing from the United Kingdom, I've been a Game Master/ Dungeon Master for an impressive span of 27 years. My passion lies in a diverse range of tabletop roleplaying games, and I'm thrilled to embark on a journey with a new group of dedicated players who share the same interests. My delight comes from crafting immersive gaming experiences and fostering interaction among players of all experience levels. I'm here to guide and engage, ensuring each player is an integral part of the story. What I'm Seeking: Enthusiastic players who embrace roleplaying and actively immerse themselves in the narrative. A penchant for crafting compelling characters with intriguing backstories. Team players who thrive in collaborative environments. Preference for narrative-driven gameplay over excessive mechanics. A love for weaving exciting, enjoyable stories together. A willingness to share the limelight and listen, supporting fellow players in the spotlight. Players of all experience levels are welcome, as long as consideration for others is a guiding principle. An aversion to metagaming and min/maxing, as this campaign isn't tailored to that approach. LGBTQ+ inclusive mindset; intolerance or bigotry has no place in my games. Participants should be 18 years old or above. While not mandatory, a functional webcam, decent audio, and a relatively quiet background are preferred. Thank you for considering joining my gaming venture. Let's embark on an unforgettable adventure together!

GM style

While I might not be a master of voices, I do excel in crafting captivating narratives that flex and adapt to your preferences and interests. What I lack in voice mimicry, I make up for in the art of storytelling. We'll embark on our journey with a modest tale, one that gradually unfolds and blossoms into something truly majestic as our adventure progresses. I have a penchant for weaving intrigue into our plots, and if the stars align, you might just catch a hint of foreshadowing sprinkled throughout. Your desires and choices will play a significant role in shaping the path we tread. I relish tailoring the story to fit what captivates you, building a narrative that keeps you engaged and invested. So fear not, as your interests will be our compass, guiding us through a grand tapestry of twists and turns. Let's immerse ourselves in a world where your actions echo with significance, and the tales we create together are etched into the annals of our shared adventure.


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