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James Watson
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James Watsonthey/them

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10 years
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9 years
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26 games

About me

I'm a storyteller at heart, loving the aspects of writing and running stories that my players can get lost in. I like to promote freedom of choice and creativity within my games as long as it doesn't detract from the fun of other players! It's my primary goal to ensure that each session is something my players can look forward to, and remember fondly when it's over. Sidenote: All times I use are US-Eastern or GMT -05:00.

GM style

TTRPGs are an opportunity for people to work together and tell beautiful stories. I like to give my players worlds ripe with opportunity to tell memorable and fun stories, and I especially enjoy the dynamic changes that are made to these worlds as players make their mark on fantastical realms. I prefer creating my own deep fantasy and sci-fi worlds, but I've recently been learning a lot about Rokugan and would love to run a L5R campaign once I understand the lore a bit better.


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