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About me

Hail and Well met! As a player for more than a decade and a GM for 7 years, my passion for Dungeons and Dragons has been channeled through various aspects of my life – as an artist, I created many comics around the game and the characters I love (I’m the Boblin the Goblin comics guy! Hello!) and I have been lucky enough to work with people to provide voicework to enhance their games. I’ve been part of streamed games through the Red Wagon Inn series, Nightmares of the Midnight Vale, Forgotten Realms Podcast and brought my own style to the screen with my Monster of the Week series VHS: Visceral Horror Stories. I love telling stories with people, and I’m excited to bring people to the table to start telling a new one!

GM style

As a Games Master, I am dedicated to providing players with a safe, engaging and immersive experience. One of the ways I achieve this is by introducing new elements into combat – flavour to inspire the players into new ways of using their actions that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. But combat is only one aspect of the game. I also pride myself on my voice acting abilities, which allows me to bring NPCs to life and create a more immersive world for players to explore, and my cinematic-style of storytelling – using various viewpoints to give the players a more complete and immersive picture of the world around them. Ensuring player safety is a top priority for me. To that end, I employ a variety of safety tools, including Stars and Wishes, breaks, and safety checklists, so that I can create a welcoming and inclusive gaming experience that prioritizes player safety and well-being. However, my ultimate goal is to help players tell the story of their character. I believe that tabletop RPGs are a collaborative narrative experience, and as such, I strive to create an environment where players can explore their characters' motivations, desires, and goals and really immerse themselves into their characters, whilst making sure that the whole story is enjoyable for everyone. Whether it's through inventive combat encounters or expertly crafted NPCs, my style as a Games Master always keeps the focus on the players and their story.


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