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Jacob Oland
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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Voices

About me

I have been GM-ing and playing for about 7 years. I primarily play Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition but have recently branched out into Call of Cthulhu and Vampire: The Masquerade. I have a background in theatre, writing, and music, all of which I incorporate in my games. I encourage my players to roleplay in character, but I also know that everyone has their own play style. I want people to feel safe and comfortable at my table; free to take chances and make bold decisions. I have run mutliple campaigns in homebrew settings, though I don't have much experience with pre-written modules. I try to balance roleplay and combat, but I would say it's a 60/40 split. I tend to run mostly serious-toned games with lots of moments of levity to balance it out. I'm always down for goofs, but like my players to take the world seriously. I love introducing new players to the games and showing them the ropes. I look forward to having you in my game!

GM style

I am typically very heavy on roleplay. I know that every player has their own rp style, so I'll never make a player roleplay in a way they aren't comfortable. I want my players to feel comfortable enough to make bold choices and to take chances without fear of judgement or being shut down. Player safety and comfort is one of my main concerns; I always try to ensure my players are not pushed into content and themes that they are not comfortable experiencing. This includes using safety tools and consent forms. I tend to run less crunchy combat, focusing more on dynamic environments and enemies. I want my players to get their "hero moments". I incorporate music for atmosphere and background. I find this helps set the tone and mood for encounters both social and combative. I use my theatre and voice over training to do funny voices for npc, though I do try to keep them grounded. But I don't think I can avoid the odd completely goofy person here and there.


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