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About me

Since falling in love with the Baldur's Gate games as a child, I've been playing some from of RPG for most of my life. For 14 years I've run all sorts of games, starting with Dungeons and Dragons, but trying out Shadowrun, Vampire: the Masquerade, Warhammer, Battletech, and more! I always love the unique storytelling experience you get from combining the creativity and inventiveness of players, with the frameworks of the mechanics and encounters I lay down. No two adventures are alike, and I love to share the hobby with as many people as I can. I've run all sorts of campaigns, from pre-written adventures like Curse of Strahd and adventures in established worlds (like Shadowrun) to my own custom games, with elaborately hand-crafted maps, reactive story-telling, and intriguing plots.

GM style

I try and be a flexible GM, aiming to ensure that my players and I have a game that we all enjoy. I like strong character-driven roleplay, as well as tense, tactical battles. Ultimately, I'd work with each group to establish the game that they want to play. If they're not interested in fighting, that can take a back seat in favour of social and exploration encounters. Or maybe they want a grand, strategic experience, commanding fleets or armies at scale? Maybe they want a grim and perilous adventure, where battles are hard fought, scars are earned, and each wound might be your last? Whatever the group is interested in, I love working it out and ensuring they find it.

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