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Hi there! My name is Ivan and I've been a Dungeon Master for about as long as I've been playing TTRPGs, with few exceptions. I have a deep love for the game and for collaborative storytelling, sharing with others the fun twists and turns of a compelling narrative, or the genius of a tactical move that wins the day. I wanted to tell more stories with more people and so, I find myself here, ready and willing to share the joy of TTRPGs with you!

GM style

I enjoy running games that put equivalent emphasis on roleplay and tactical combat. I can bring both in equal measure, from interesting and unique NPCs to confer with, to crunchy monster statblocks to understand and outsmart. I thrive on sharing the world with the players, working with them to tell a fun story together. Characters in my games start with a feat at level 1. Standard Array is used to generate stats. Character option restrictions vary by campaign and are agreed upon beforehand.

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