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About me

I grew up playing mainly first person shooter games. The social aspect of gaming was always one that I enjoyed even with single player games having someone to talk to about them was just enough. I started off with adventure games like Tomb Raider and dabbled in games like DOOM on the PlayStation one. Story games always enthralled me and still do to this day, games like the Medal of Honor with its massive interconnected stories and Tomb Raider with its myriad of locations. Though games like The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivon and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic told grand stories and even grander settings I was always lured into more social experience games. I always wanted to try D&D and other TFRPG games. Come lockdown and I got that chance, shortly after I started to DM and took everything I loved about gaming, films and media & was able to incorporate it into the games I run. I do not like the line between DM and player and try to be more friendly and open with my players as I consider them all friends even if that is only for a short time. Here is a list of all my campaigns/One Shots and also links to their videos

GM style

I have a history of watching everything: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance and Sci-Fi. If I can make the reference I will. I have played so many fantasy games and FPS games; I love a great story in all forms. I love to watch the roleplay unfold at the table. Amateur drama with a dash of tragedy and comedy interjected with speedy, consistant combat described with a flare of spectacle and awe. Every NPC, even the smallest is unique and deserves a voice to shine with. I give them that voice - as ridiculous as it may sound. If there is a problem, I'll solve it. This is your story, I am the narrator, lets play.

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