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About me

Hello! Pull up a chair, friend. This world is sorely in need of stories worth telling. A bit of lightness, a bit of courage, a bit of clever wordplay. There's nothing like a roleplaying game to draw out the best in us, and also to let us explore parts of ourselves that rarely see the light. That's why I play. I hope you'll join me! I’m always learning and growing, and I try to read as much as I can about D&D, game design, history, politics, and storytelling. I am a big fan of podcasts by Brennan Lee Mulligan (Dimension20) and Matt Colville (MCDM). Aesthetically, I love Last Kingdom, Peaky Blinders, Shadow and Bone, and The Witcher. Narratively, I love Sense8, Arcane, and Stranger Things. If you like those things too, hit me up! Let's tell a story together. ______________________________________ See what others have to say about playing with me! 💯 "Having played a number of games through Startplaying, I have to say this is probably the best experience I’ve had. Isaac is a great storyteller! He really gets into character and brings everything alive, from NPC to environmental effects. He is very much a GM who facilitates a story centered on his players." - Alan 💯 "As a GM and player of DND 5E for several years, Isaac is a wonderful GM who is an asset to the table top community. I have played with many GMs who possess but a sliver of his attention and care for the game. He offers a welcoming table which fosters a comfortable and tight-knit vibe even for a first-time drop-in player. If you are new to the game or a long-time DND player, give Isaac's table a spin!" - Nelson 💯 "I've been playing with Isaac for a bit now. He is now my go to DM for campaigns and one-shots. He is always trying to learn and also willing to try any RPG that we throw at him. His one-shots are some of the best sessions of DnD I have ever played. I HIGHLY recommend Isaac for new and experienced players." - Dustin 💯 "What a phenomenal GM. Isaac does an incredible job of filling his world with delightful characters and genuinely compelling stories that make it easy and enjoyable to explore and interact with. He also takes care to engage with player character's backstories, investing time to insert each character into the world he is building. Play at the table truly feels collaborative between the players and GM. It's clear that Isaac is rooting for the players to succeed, and celebrates big moments along with the players." - Nick 💯 "I love Isaac's ability to just go with the flow and roll with (sometimes expand upon) whatever bizarre chaos the players can cook up. At the same time, he balances it with enough practicality to keep the story going- whether it's for a more combat-driven session/campaign, or if the mood is more for role-playing. And the voices are awesome, and help keep the NPCs distinct for a really rich experience." - Rhyofir 💯 "Isaac was the one that introduced me to this game for the first time. I couldn't have asked for a better GM. We had an excellent first session, felt truly immersed in the world with all the great story telling, fun interactions and events, cool music and sound effects, followed by an epic battle. Even though it was supposed to be a short campaign, it felt like the story was so deep, complex and interesting. We decided to go for a longer campaign because we all had so much fun and wanted to keep going." - Sven _______________________________ ✊ Many (not all) of my games reflect a certain political perspective. If your idea of a good time is leading a revolt of goblins against their bugbear bosses, or infiltrating the upper echelons of the Lords' Alliance to provide intelligence on their plans to the anti-feudal peasants movement, we might like the same things. Not every game or story arc I run will be explicitly anti-imperial, but I like to put bread crumbs on the path in that direction.

GM style

🎵 I’m a musician and an artist at heart, so I love incorporating graphic design elements, musical soundtracks and ambient noise, beautiful maps, and character art to enhance the experience of the game. 🎭 I think the biggest thing I bring to the table is a flair for the dramatic. I was a musical theater kid in high school. Character voices. Storytelling. High drama. Heartrending conflict. This is the stuff I like. Very much. ⚔️ I try to keep a good balance of combat and roleplaying (40-50% of game time) with some exploration and puzzles thrown in for flavor (5-10%). Sometimes one session ends up with more of one than the others, and I’m happy to adjust based on feedback. 😎 The Rule of Cool is a very important part of my style. If something will move the story forward in a cool way, I may not even have you roll for it. I’ve been learning that rolling too much can be a real barrier to more important things, like the narrative and the dramatic moment.


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