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About me

I really love getting into the nitty gritty to make my campaigns feel real, they're often accompanied by DM cheat sheets which often end up being 50-100 pages, what can I say I love lore. I like working in any setting, particularly high fantasy, sci-fi, and the wild west. I've been a DM for 4 years now and I know the game like the back of my hand and my favorite rule is number 10. Don't let the game get in the way of everybody having fun. I like to scale the games in proportion to make my players feel important and epic as they should, seeing as they're seeking out an epic Adventure. If you like detailed worlds, an on/off the rails play style and you like to have fun with it, I'm the DM for you.

GM style

My style of GMing is usually based in a lot of roleplay, the worlds are well built out in order to facilitate the feeling of completeness that I find really helps with immersion. Depending on the seriousness of the campaign I do indulge in character voices occasionally and will gladly if requested. I like to keep combat exciting and entertaining with scenarios ranging from a simple all out battle and things that require my players to use their heads. I like to go with the flow and incorporate my players characters into the world, but most importantly I want everyone to have fun.


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