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About me

Hi folks, you can call me Ink or Ry. I've been a game master for about 5 years. I have the most experience running 5th edition (some published, a lot more home brew), but I have recently embraced Old School Renaissance (OSR) style gaming and learned how to run Old School Essentials. As a GM, I’ve learned to have fun by watching the story unfold with players. Players always surprise me with their creativity, collaboration, and persistence when faced with tough choices. That’s the joy of being a game master! At the moment, I am seeking players who want to: - Learn how to play Old School Essentials - Start or join a Dolmenwood hex crawl using Old School Essential rules. I plan to launch my Dolmenwood game in August 2022 - Start or join a 5th edition campaign with home brew, OSR-style rules and game play - Start or join a Spelljammer campaign when the setting rules are published in August 2022

GM style

Since you’d be forking over money to play a game with me, here’s a rough idea of what to expect if you book a session: • A conversational, fiction first approach to gaming that emphasizes discovery and rewards curiosity • Partially automated FoundryVTT servers that allow me to focus on narration and facilitation. I use the safety tools that are integrated into FoundryVTT • Handcrafted NPCs with individual lives, motivations, and relationships. • Home brew lore, monster abilities, and house rules to make each game feel unique. • A willingness to incorporate your character’s backstory and goals into each game's setting or plot(s). I’ve surely forgotten something, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question. Thanks for reading this far. I hope we get to game together!

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