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Josh H.

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About me

Greetings fellow d20 enthusiasts! I'm Josh, I've been DMing for 8 years now, I started with D&D 5e, but moved over to primarily playing Pathfinder 2e about three years ago. To me, tabletop gaming is such a good way to bring people together and show them how much fun stories are when they're shared with others. I mainly focus on d20 systems and heroic fantasy stories, but occasionally dabble with other systems like Blades in the Dark or Edge of the Empire. I've run numerous campaigns, from Lost Mine of Phadelver, to Curse of the Crimson Throne, to Abomination Vaults, to Hell's Rebels. Running games for new players is always a great experience because you get to see the moment when it "clicks" for them (usually when they oneshot the boss monster with a nat 20) and you know you've played a role in one of their formative tabletop memories. Stories are always better when you get to share them with others.

GM style

I love getting to tell stories with my players. The build-ups and reveals are always great fun in my games. I also really enjoy voicing NPCs, I've always had a knack for accents and outlandish character voices. Helping players develop their characters from simple adventurers to people who have stories written about them is something I always strive for. My ask is that you buy into the story and make characters that are motivated to engage with it and behave like they actual live in the world, and not just characters that act like a video game protagonist who can bully the lowly NPCs around them because they're not as important as you. That way, we can all tell a great story together!

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