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About me

I'm a 28y/o guy that lived in the south US most of my life. During that time I grew an insane love for TTRPGs, but lack of interest from friends kept me from getting a group on a regular schedule until COVID-19 happened and the rise of VTTs. However even with the lack of a regular schedule I have played in a ton of games starting with a group standing outside the LGS LARPing to Wrestling homebrew based off the StarWars D20 System.

GM style

My style of games has been described as "Very feast or famine" meaning the sessions are almost all combat with no roleplay or with all roleplay with no combat, since then I've tried to curate the games for the players, in my current long term games one group is a bunch of murder-hobo wargamers, and the other is doing a little cloak and dagger political intrigue heist. I praise good roleplaying, my voices aren't great but I make up for that with enthusiasm! I am a huge fan of tactics games (Fire Emblem, Triangle Strategy) and like to think strategically while also staying in character. As an example 5 kobolds and a half dragon fight a party of 4, well the half dragon will use free actions to command the kobolds while the kobolds group together to follow the orders while trying to active Pack Tactics as often as possible, once the half dragon is taken out the kobolds will either flee or become more erratic. My homebrews are... Interesting, I usually take inspiration from other games, anime, books or songs and make a small self contained adventure based on that idea. They are fun but they lack the punch of a setting and full fledged campaign can have since they are very "Adventurers Guild" style where the party is together already and part of the guild when they get a request. I normally don't like character vs character drama, I'm sure it can be done right but in all my time playing and running games someone always has a sour taste in their mouth afterwards. Same with anti-party characters, I get it your rogue is a dick, but this is your party, please try to get along. This isn't to say I don't allow this type of roleplay, as long as the whole group is having fun then go for it! My goal as a DM is for the ENTIRE party to have fun. No bullying, no harassment, no exclusion. I offer a free session 0 with each booking, during this session we will make characters, meet the party, I'll show you how to use Foundry with a little tutorial adventure I've created that goes over the basics. We will also fill out a form so that I can gauge the groups comfort level with different aspects of TTRPGs, from experience to "Red Zones" (Things that you as a person feel uncomfortable being in the game, example: Character Death, Drug Use, Slurs) my goal with this session 0 is for you to see one, my DMing style and if it is good for you, two, how the group interacts and three, so you can learn the system so you get the full bang for your buck when it comes to the session. All this to see if it is something that is worth your time and money. I own all the content on dndbeyond so a game with me will grant you the same access from the week before the session until the campaign is over. I allow all published content to be used; Critical Role, Ebberon, Magic the Gathering, Acquisitions Inc. and I'm willing to approve homebrews. I have some house rules, mainly to improve some player features (Looking at you Ranger) and make some spell changes which are opt-in only, if you want them I'll add them in otherwise they are out of the game. I also use Foundry VTT for rolling, maps, character sheets, music, basically everything I could use for it. Its a great system, it has a small learning curve but that's why we have a session 0. I have transposed all the information from dndbeyond to the foundry server, up to the Spelljammer books, but I still like using beyond for the ease of searching. I have 2 playlists for music, one is your typical D&D fantasy ambiance soundtrack, the other is video game music. I have no preference so I let the party decide what music we are going with for that session. I use Inkarnate to make my maps as well as recreate the standard maps for adventures (Hoard of the Dragon Queen as an example) I have been slowly creating custom tokens and icons for all of the items, npcs, and abilities (Its a work in progress, there are... quite a lot of images) If you have any questions at all, please shoot me a message. I love talking d&d and I would rather waste 5 minutes of my time than you waste $10 and 3 hours of yours.

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