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About me

Hello, my friends! I think the main thing that sets me apart is my ability to connect with my players. There are countless GMs who can tell a story, but I believe that in TTRPGs, the GM is the narrator & referee - but we're all telling a story together. I look forward to telling a story together with all of you.

GM style

- Two of my main appeals (in my opinion) is how flexible I can be, and how I center my game around my players. It's a bit of a cliché, but I really do find that: if you're having fun, I'm having fun. I'm very adaptable, and I like to make my players' characters the star of the show. - A common question people ask is: What's your ratio of RP:combat? And for me, it really depends on the system. With D&D 5e, I'd say I'm probably 70/30 (70 RP), but I personally enjoy the combat in Pathfinder 2e more, so with Pathfinder, I'm probably closer to 50/50. And then you have systems which inherently favor one over the other: in Avatar Legends, the roleplaying aspect is way more important, and in the MCDM RPG, combat is way more important, so those games will be more like 90/10 and 10/90, respectively. - Voices: I really enjoy doing voices. I invite my characters to do voices as well, but they're obviously entirely optional - Rules: Again, I try to be as adaptable as possible. Some players enjoy a bit of rule-breaking to make for a cooler moment, but there are also players who enjoy the rigidity of a solid ruleset. As for my personal preference: I'm a rules guy, but I heavily respect the "Rule of Cool." If we all think breaking a rule makes sense in the moment, then we will!


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