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About me

Hi, I'm Tom. I came here to start hosting games with the encouragement of my players in my ongoing campaigns. With them, I've learned so much about collaborative storytelling and the amazing things that it can do. They've all pushed me to be the best I can be and I'd like to keep pushing and go further. What I like to do in my games is make sure that I include the players in the world-building experience as much as possible. I like to create bonds between the PCs and the world that they inhabit. I like building a unique experience with my players and telling the most interesting story possible. If these are things that you enjoy, I may be the right fit for you! Feel free to message me and ask questions.

GM style

I enjoy roleplaying and social encounters the most. Though, I won't shy away from combat if it comes up within the narrative. Political intrigue, heists, world-ending cataclysms, and tournaments are all scenarios I've done before. I try my best to do character voices but I'm not the greatest with accents. I'm a very big proponent of "yes and" and "failing forward". The rule of cool is a mainstay as long as it works within the story and situation. If you want your character to do something cool and you can justify why it would happen, I'll more than likely say yes.

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