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About me

Hello adventurers, I'm Iain, and I will be your guide in these dark an mysterious times. I'm originally from England, but have travelled throughout the lands and finally made my home in the Czech Republic. I have been playing for 12 years now, and DMing for a good portion of that, leaving groups of gamers all over the world where I've lived. When not gaming, I'm an English teacher and I often use Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs as a method for teaching my students, so if you're shy to speak English, there's no need to be with me! I hope to roll dice with you soon!

GM style

I'm a huge fan of role playing games with dynamic, quick combat and a lot of space to improvise. I love to create large, compelling and visually delicious worlds, and let my players lead their own stories in those worlds. While I enjoy oneshots, I prefer to run campaigns I find interesting, or write campaigns around my players' backstories, giving them the tools to create epic stories and compelling characters. Some of my favourite games to GM are: Blades in the Dark D&D 5E Chronicles of Darkness Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Cyberpunk RED & Mutant: Year Zero And some on my list to try are: Mythras / M-Space Eclipse Phase And I have an interest in card based games like Faith, Coriolis and Malifaux Voices are gonna happen if you play with me!


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