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Tim "Homebrewster" Tuinstra
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About me

Howdy everybody, I've been GM'ing for the last 10+ years, and have played TTRPGs for the last 15. I currently reside in Warsaw-Poland but I'm a Dutch native with English as a primary language. Now, enough about that, let's talk what makes me your next GM. Games, whether they be TTRPGs, board games or video games, have always been a passion of mine. A passion to such an 'degree', that I've managed to turn it into a Bachelors diploma. I have a BS in Game Design from Full Sail University, and have been putting that to use in the form of developing new and interesting homebrew campaigns, monsters, traps and more, all for the sake of my player's enjoyment. All I want is that my players have an unforgettable experience, as experiences are what makes life so spectacular. And what better way to make an experience than to spectacularly beat up a dragon?! My current experiences in TTRPGs are (from most experience to least): "D&D 5e, D&D 4e, Ironsworn, Ironsworn:Starforged, Shadowrun 5e, Tales from the Loop" I have experience running groups with the following 'keywords': "6+ players, multi-group settings, kids 13+, Dutch groups" Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

GM style

My style adapts as per the campaign's requirements. I've had the pleasure to run premade and homemade standard adventures for D&D 5e, 'count your ammo' style 4e crunchy dungeon crawls, deep intrigue Shadowrun stories, and a whole bunch of solo Ironsworn ranging from deranged monster killers to lost space cadets. For me the key is having a Session 0, where the group can speak up about their likes and dislikes. Their do's and don'ts. I want my table to feel comfortable acting out, have space to feel emotional, and to be able to rely on everyone around the table to have a good time. A table is a team, and a team only runs as smoothly as their teamwork allows.

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