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Heather Marshall
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Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Inclusive

About me

Name's Heather, my favourite prehistoric creature is sacabambaspis, and I swear to you: I will never need to ask what your AC is. I've been playing DND since 4e, back when my older brothers and I had to hide the books because our mom thought it was a cult. A decade, an English degree, and a new edition later, and I've come to love DMing as a way to keep my creative writing skills sharp and help others develop their own character and world building skills. I'm great at both teaching new players and shaking things up for established ones, and take a story-first approach to gameplay. I have access to a large library of both official and unofficial content to run 5e games in a wide variety of settings and genres, from traditional Forgotten Realms classics to gothic adventures to space westerns of my own design. And no, my mom still doesn't understand what I'm doing.

GM style

I love roleplay and creating rich lore, then finding ways to weave my player's characters into that tapestry. I rely mostly on theatre of the mind, though appreciate the automation that DND Beyond offers, especially for managing encounters. I like to use Roll 20 to track physical space in combat, and enjoy using my webcomic experience to make custom tokens for players and important NPCs. I try to offer a good mix of social and combat encounters in the average session, but I can tailor the percentage to your liking.

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