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About me

I have played tabletop games since Dungeons and Dragons was the Devil's game. For my three (younger) brothers, I created a world purely from imagination with the help of people like Tolkien, Brooks, Donaldson and the like using a random number generator on an old solar powered calculator since dice were not allowed in the house. I was also writing my first novel back then. I finished that first novel my senior year (turned out to be 356K words, so really three novels now) and went on to get a 12 year bachelor's degree in CIS. Before I even finished, I was designing quests and writing dialogue for a Tolkien-based game in Austin, Tx. for Warthog Studios. I went on to work for Sony Online Entertainment writing quests on Corellia for Star Wars Galaxies before I needed a more stable job. So I started teaching Physics. Meanwhile, I had been writing the whole time. 46.5 books, half a novella, and several poems later, I am not a published author with three books on the market in the Islands of Loar series. Though I've been teaching now for thirteen years, I am working back to my gaming roots. I've even designed a new tabletop system called the Hero's Guild d10 system which, thanks to CoVID is now in Beta Testing! I am also a Christian and this influences the nature of my games. While I incorporate evil characters and actions into my game, the tales I run center around heroism, redemption, and objective concepts of good and evil. I cut my teeth as a fantasy reader and GM on Tolkien, Lewis, and similar authors and it is to them I look for inspiration for my games. If you are looking to play evil characters with no desire for redemption, or focus on combat and loot as an end unto themselves, then I am probably not the GM you are looking for.

GM style

As a GM I run fairly serious campaigns, but enjoy laughter as well, so long as it doesn't become a lengthy distraction. I tend to be focused on storyline and rule of cool more than a stickler for rules. It is my job to serve you, as the player, to make the game entertaining and fun for you, though it may be hard work for me. I won several awards in high school One Act Play and was always selected to play characters with accents. While I do not boast true native accents, I can approximate dwarven brogue, elvish high common, and even a bit of the down under speak and cockney of far off lands. As far as combat, tactics, and even other types of encounters, I prefer characters who are imaginative and will say yes to all but the most outlandish of requests IF it fits the story and your character. However, if that does not suit you, I am game for swift combat and simple tactics or even story-based combat if you prefer. I am highly adaptable and usually run games with long term friends and family on the fly anyway. Again, I am here to serve you. As a writer, I have long been comfortable with political intrigue, romance (PG-13 at most, please), and other forms of relational encounters and will happily enjoin whatever you are comfortable with in-story.

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