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I've been running games in dozens of different systems for over 30 years. I'm a "characters first" GM. One of my greatest joys is weaving character backstory into the larger narrative. But I also try to deliver an exciting experience based on what the players want. Dungeon crawl? I got you. Political intrigue? Let's go. Exploring wonderous locations? Oh yeah. Deep lore to explore? I got that, too. I'm confident to run games in many systems, and I'm open to learning new ones. Ultimately, you play the game for enjoyment. If you are going to pay me to run a game for you, I'm going take it very seriously. I will do my best to give you what you want. I do have limits, however. I don't do anything NSFW. I also demand that all players treat each other with respect. Anyway, I hope you have an amazing game, whether I'm you GM or not. Roll well, friends.

GM style

Why choose me as your DM? 1. I'VE DONE THE WORK I ran my first game over 30 years ago, and have done it ever since. I've spent 20 years crafting a homebrew world with lots of deep lore and history. I've exchanged ideas with dozens of other DMs, watched countless videos, and take feedback from every player. I have honed my craft and I am highly skilled in game mechanics as well as good storytelling. 2. I PUT IN THE TIME There is a lot of time that goes into making a game that is satisfying to all players. Every player wants something different. I spend a lot of time before a session to make sure I have things in place to keep everyone engaged. 3. I DEMAND RESPECT FOR EVERYONE IN THE GAME Players should feel like their game is a safe place to express themselves. I have a Zero Tolerance policy for hateful or bigoted players. 4. I PUT THE PLAYERS FIRST While I do come to the table with an idea of what a party might do, I always put agency in the hands of the players. Even in my most railroad-y games, there is so much room for player choice. I want you to play the character you want to play (some restrictions may apply) 5. IF WE'RE ALL HAVING FUN, WE'RE DOING IT RIGHT I am competing with major corporations for your entertainment budget. For that, I intend to deliver a high quality action adventure, where the story goes where you want it to go. Perhaps, not always in the way you might have anticipated, but that's also fun.


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