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My name is Herb. I'm an old TTRPG vet of almost 40 years. Played AD&D as a kid, and hit every version of D&D since. Fantasy literature and gaming has been one of my passions throughout my life. I have GMed online for the last 12 years off-and-on, and have run games professionally for the past three years. I am very much enjoying Pathfinder 2e for the step up in tactical play and the high quality adventure content that Paizo publishes. If you like a well-run game with quality content and roleplaying, you will be satisfied! I bring the level of leadership it takes to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience! Artwork for banner:

GM style

I run an immersive game with light-hearted moments. Music, artwork, character voices, and excellent storytelling are key. I especially enjoy creating long campaigns with character tie-ins, though I'm happy to run shorter beginner adventures. The absolute most important thing is that players are having fun and being challenged, and I understand that it is my job to set that environment.

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