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About me

--- Audio Bio --- DM and Host of the Podcast "With Sword and Spell." Want a preview of my playstyle and our typical session? 100% of the players started with StartPlaying.Games - I knew NONE of them before the campaign started. Listen for free on Spotify, Apply, Stitcher and more: ---- Written Bio --- I first started playing D&D when I heard it being played during recess during 3rd grade. I became a DM shortly thereafter and have been playing ever since. I have played every edition of D&D, as well as several other systems, but my default is D&D 5e. More systems may be added in the future. I offer players a mix of Role Play, skill challenges, puzzles, and (of course) combat through a series of homebrew worlds and events. I am an author of dozens of worlds some of which I have self-published through DMsGuild, though those are not the worlds you will play in ;) I also can run my players through lightly-modified versions of officially produced WOTC content IF requested. D&D is a place where you, my dear players, can right wrongs, defeat the unjust, and find fantastical treasure in roughly four to five hours per session of pure escapism. You are the hero, I am not your enemy (though I will play those enemies ably) and we're all here to have a great time that we'll talk about for weeks or months later! My rules as DM: * Not "No" but still grounded "Yes, and..." or "Maybe..." * LGBTQ+ safe space * No Ageism, sexism, racism, ableism, or other discrimination ever allowed * Clear Red Lines prior to play (what is NEVER allowed) * Negotiable Veils prior and during play (what can be implied or hinted, but not expicitly stated) * Responsible and responsive play; open door policy about character, setting, play style, etc

GM style

Role Play-centric with a cast of characters whose voices may or may not be good, but whose personality will always be memorable. Puzzles and challenges to test your wits (or, at least, the wits of your characters) Combat that can range from super-dungeon delve to seemingly-random but will never be superfluous or forgettable Prefer homebrew games to run, but will run official adventures if requested. LGBTQ+ safe, anti-discriminatory Lines & Veils Check-ins and feedback


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