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About me

Hi! I’m Jayke, I’ve been involved in our nerdy hobby world for roughly 20 years at this point and I’ve been DMing 5e D&D for 7 of those years. I love to run theatre of imagination games as I really enjoy helping create an image in your mind and sharing in the madness that that can be! In my in person games, I compliment this with well painted miniatures and 3D battle maps! I’m a forever DM, I love DMing, it’s my favourite part of roleplaying. Improv is definitely my strongest skill in this domain and I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ve got a ton of energy and passion for the game and love DMing for new and veteran players alike. I’m friendly to all, as long as you’re up for having fun!

GM style

I LOVE roleplay, and whilst I know combat is important I do tend to be more roleplay centric. I enjoy being caught off guard and get to flex my improv skills, thinking quick on my feet. That unimportant goblin NPC you’re obsessed with called Boblin? Well he now has an integral part in this new branch of the story you and I just created on the spot. I enjoy doing NPC voices and have a few that I regularly do in my day to day life, I’m always practicing! I just want us all to have the best time, like RPing is supposed to do. I have several fleshed out homebrew settings, or rather, eras, which each game I run in the setting builds and develops the world for everyone involved: Haven, a mid-fantasy with horror elements, flooded with superstition and corners to explore Haven - Calamity, a high-fantasy world on fire, the gods war above and the threads of magic are tearing and fraying, creating a vast manor of cataclysmic changes; Welcome to the Calamity. Haven - Ghost Fire, a late 1800s era style world filled with gun slinging tieflings, sherif Kobolds and inventor gnomes who are all trying to get by and survive now the gods have died, leaving only “Ghost Fire” behind (this is the sequel to Calamity). I also have settings made up for Numenera (Rùst World), Near future-Cypher System (Top Trumps 2046), an alternate 1920s Call of Cthulhu (Lost and Found in the Finger Lakes) and Aliens (Aboard the Heart of Darkness). As for official D&D settings, I love the Ravenloft and Dark Sun settings and love running Curse of Strahd and Tomb of Annihilation modules. Influences include, amongst many others: Favourite Books Growing Up: Dr Seuss, Brothers Grimm. Favourite Films: The Batman, 300, Rocky 4, Blood Sport, Step Brothers. Favourite Music: Panic! At the disco, Avenged Sevenfold, Bo Burnham, Escape The Fate. Favourite TV: Newsroom, Blacklist, You, The Following, Centaur World, Midnight Mass, The Office, Dragon Ball Z, Kengan Ashura.


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