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Hello! I'm Hakurai - at least that's my online persona. I'm a 35 year old retired MMORPG youtuber who has turned to Dungeons and Dragons to get my fix of immersive roleplaying, and have been running games as a Dungeon Master online for over 7 years now. If you're reading this, you're probably interested in one of my campaigns and would like to know a little bit more about how I DM. I aim to run my games with the players as the focus, telling the stories of their characters as they make decisions and explore the world I lay out before them. I pride myself on my open-mindedness and open-ended story telling, and do my best to keep the immersion alive. I believe in player agency and always have the goal of making players have a good time. I try to avoid pointless, repetitive combat and focus on moving the story forward while making sure every player at my table gets the opportunity to participate and contribute to whatever transpires. I have run several multi-year campaigns, primarily in the world of Exandria created by Matt Mercer from critical role, but I've also dabbled in some modules and some homebrew setting campaigns. Generally, when I start a game, I do so with the intention of running it over a long period of time, with a vague main antagonist (or several) working in the background as the BBEG that the party will ultimately need to thwart, but how you get to that point will ultimately be up to you and your fellow companions. My campaigns have always been run online, through Roll20 or Foundry, so I am very experienced in utilizing these Virtual Tabletops, and teaching new players how to use them. I run my games to be welcoming to new players, and inclusive to all walks of life (and undead), I'll show you the ropes and help you get started if you are brand new, but make sure the games keep moving at a smooth pace so that veteran players don't get bored or feel like I'm wasting their time. For more about me, I'm a father of 1 and a gaming addict, dabbling in every form of RPG I can get my hands on, from PoE, to Elden Ring, to WoW. If this convinced you to give me a shot, I look forward to seeing you in one of my games and can't wait to see what stories we'll be able to tell together!

GM style

My focus is on roleplay - the majority of the NPCs that players encounter will be acted out by me in first person (I'm not the best voice actor, but I try). I make use of whatever backstories the players provide me to help form the campaign for the party, so that the player characters are always the focus. I do my best to keep everyone at the table completely immersed and invested in the story we are telling together. The focus for me is to always make sure everyone is having fun. Any NPC the players encounter will feel like a real, living person that is a part of the lively world that the campaign is set in. All combat encounters will be meaningful and challenging, and some puzzles will be fun to solve as a team as the group attempts to delve into ancient vaults and long forgotten tombs.


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