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About me

Hey there I am Hadleigh, I'm from Canada and I love running TTRPG games! I have been DMing for a few years for D&D and Lancer. I usually run a Sandbox-style game and enjoy working alongside players to breathe life into the world. Player agency is everything and players should be at the forefront of the narrative. I prioritize having a good time over everything else and like to run games that are memorable and fun. Quirky characters and far-fetched situations are my bread and butter. I love putting players in scenarios that allow them to spotlight their creativity and give them the opportunities to execute the wildest plans they can think of. Player characters are the focus and lifeblood of the game for me, the story is entirely affected by their decisions and attitude toward the world. When it comes to combat scenarios I always try to make memorable battles that are challenging and fair. I often come up with ridiculous Boss Battles for players to interact with, often giving a multitude of win conditions to keep things interesting. When it comes to the settings I run I usually opt for a Homebrew World filled with the things I love about the particular genre or system I'm running. As great as premade worlds are, there's something awesome about making a world where players can leave a permanent mark for future PCs to interact with. There are worlds I've still yet to run games for that I'd love to one day, just waiting for the opportunity to run them!

GM style

I am a narratively driven GM who enjoys tying the characters directly to what's happening in the story. Often if the players are wanting to drift from the initial plot I am more than willing to tailor the story to their wants and needs. I'm very flexible and love to improv a lot of scenes that I feel help make the game fun. I often run sandbox-type games that allow players to freely roam the map as they wish and find the stories that they find interesting. Combat for me is important to keep challenging but also fun. That balance is hard to hit sometimes but when it works there's nothing more exhilarating. Blending together tactics with the stakes of the narrative is always a beautiful marriage of chaos on the battlemap. I allow players to get creative in combat and find win conditions other than bashing the enemy for 10 rounds until their HP hits 0. I believe it is important to make combat dynamic this way in order to keep the game fresh. When it comes to roleplay I always ensure to have a great cast of fun NPC's to interact with, as well as frightening villains that ooze that feel threatening to the party. Roleplay is where a lot of the fun is had at the table and I always let my players engage with it as much as possible. I do my best to supply unique voices and personalities to my NPCs to keep them distinct and fun!

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