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Hi there, my name is Nik and I've been a DM for about 2 years now. I first started DMing on roll20 during the initial pandemic lockdown and I've been regularly running sessions ever since. I look forward to playing with you!

GM style

I love challenging players with tactical combat encounters and I am quite fond of RP heavy and political intrigue style play. I enjoy using a healthy mix of published content, homebrew, and even third party resources to make my games feel personalized to each group. I really enjoy Horror as a genre and I think this tends to show in my games, but I'm also very comfortable running things with a more light-hearted tone (think Adventure Time). I also love introducing new players to the game. Seeing them get excited about their characters and the story they're creating is the most satisfying part of being a DM. I often find that new players bring a lot of creativity and innovation to the table. How I run the game is definitely negotiable and depends on the group I'm playing with. If you want more or less of something just let me know! I'm pretty much open to anything and while I see the rulebook as important I am more than willing to alter rules to make things more fun. Modules that I am available to DM include: The Lost Mine of Phandelver Curse of Strahd Ghosts of Saltmarsh Candlekeep Mysteries I also love to DM "Oneshot" adventures and have a pretty extensive collection that includes lots of gothic horror, murder mysteries, and some more light hearted fun like the famous Wild Sheep Chase.

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