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Hello everyone, i am an avid DND player, fell in love with the game 7 years ago, DM'd my first Semi-homebrew campaign with friends which concluded after 3 years. More recently i've found myself in the online DND scene, playing with a very welcoming community of friends i've met along the way, and now have found the resolve to get back in the DM's seat. As a DM my first concern is making everyone at the table feel comfortable where we can flesh out all the subtleties of every players character, so everyone can just be in their element having fun. I like keeping the immersion going to the best of my capability, and of course no DND is complete without some good COMBAT, so i like to keep a balance of roleplay and combat going. Hope you find me as fun a DM as my friends found.

GM style

My GM style is versatile, I'm the type of gm who wants players to HAATEE my in game villains, but apologize if i make them furious, post game of course, i'm firm but fair when it comes to rulings, and like everyone else i'm a human being so i'll make a mistake here or there, and i'd love to listen to any Constructive criticism so that myself and my players enjoy ourselves better. I love to role play the many NPC's and view the interactions of my players with them, but i also love fighting tooth and nail for survival with my players, make them feel like every victory is a Triumphant one worthy of the songs of bards. Also i love player creativity and allow free reign for solutions to problems i present, ofcourse i can't guarantee they'll work all the time, but hey nothing wrong in trying. IN SUMMARY i love what everyone loves having fun, and i hope PC's will find it at my table.

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