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I am 30-years-old and I currently live in Spokane, WA. Before all this, I worked as a news reporter in Fairbanks, Alaska. When I quit that job and moved to Washington, and eventually Texas with my high school friends, I was relatively ignorant of TTRPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. That all changed after my friends convinced me to play. When we started D&D, I quickly fell in love with the format of the game, and heavily leaned into my reporting background to play. The first character I ended up creating was an amnesiac half-orc barbarian by the name of Muk Yearn, and he had some amazing stories! What happened afterward is nothing short of an adventure! Many of my friends from the first game were already interested in playing with me when I wanted to GM. They joined me in my games alongside some players that I found on the D&D Beyond forums, and I expanded to host games for 8 total players. My new and old friends still play online today, with two 3-hour sessions per week at a consistent schedule. It’s been over a year and a half of campaigns and homebrewed one-shots. These experiences, along with some failed wisdom saves, made me want to take the initiative and start sharing my D&D experience with other people too."

GM style

I have been writing fiction and non-fiction stories since I was a child. My experience in reporting the news means my method of storytelling and the presentation of that craft is refined. As a GM, I'm finding my style to be that roleplaying takes the driver's seat. Combat and exploration share the passenger seat equally. You'll find me focusing on every player character as the hero of our story, set to triumph or despair together... no matter how the game goes. As far as my style of DMing, I tend towards the Rule of Cool train of thought. That said, I don't entirely disregard the rules as written. I always aim to balance the rules within the context of the story in the game. If it makes sense and is really cool, we're probably doing it in the game.

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