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Hi! I'm Grendy! Allow me to introduce my familiar (30 second video) ✨Got a request? Book me here or send me a message on Discord (lordgrendell#3981) !✨ I offer games for you and your group in the following systems » D&D 5e » Cypher / Numenera » Delta Green ======================= My discord (where games will be hosted) » Connect with an amazing, helpful, encouraging community of LGBTQ+ and neuro-diverse-friendly role-players. Share conversations, ideas, and memes between games. »We also host free games every week by a cadre of wonderful GMs. » For security, you will be required to post an introduction before having access to the server. ======================= I'm looking forward to working with you to achieve your gaming goals. I fell in love with tabletop roleplaying in the 90s and I've been GMing ever since. I enjoy running games for people, and it gives me joy to know I can provide others with a great time. I started playing TTRPGs when I was 16 in 1997; I quickly fell in love with the multiverse that D&D provides, along with the spooky and Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos. It would be over a decade and a half before I discovered my favorite roleplaying game system, Cypher. During that time, I went to university for creative writing and music. I am nonbinary masculine and neurodiverse, and my table is always a safe space to let loose and roleplay. My timezone is Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7)

GM style

Cinematic: 😲 Intense, edge-of-your-seat action 🗣️ Memorable, living NPCs with minds of their own 🎙️ Dramatic, enthralling voice acting and roleplay 🎶 Curated atmosphere and instrumental musical accompaniment ⛰️ Visual storytelling: intricately crafted stories, vivid scenery, visceral descriptions 🎥 Action-packed gameplay with animated maps and tokens and lots of visual aids Collaborative: ⚙️ Got a cool idea or a special consideration? Let me know! 🤝 Players are partners in storytelling 📖 You shape the world with your choices and actions 🤔 Feedback encouraged and incorporated to improve experience Custom: ⚒️ Use downtime to craft items, build strongholds, etc. with benefits! 🪄 Homebrew and spell-craft a one-of-a-kind experience! 🗺️ Custom designed maps and artwork—even modules are unique Curious: 🧭 Discovery-focused scenarios that reward inquisition ❓ Confounding yet solvable mysteries ⚔️ Challenging, narratively-relevant strategic combat with puzzles Player Testimonials: 🗯️ "Grendell Is a blast to play with! a great role player and very funny! They are also very considerate of peoples comfort at the table." - Lee 🗯️ "Loves including all sorts of backgrounds, gender identities, races (both human and dnd kind), sexual identities and interests; really makes the worlds he creates feel lived in." - Mickey 🗯️ "The amazing story telling and visual components made the game so much more enthralling [...] I felt like my PC was alive in this game!" - Brie 🗯️ "Very creative and visual. Interesting details make the scenes feel more real and fleshed out." - Jonathan 🗯️ "Grendell was very quick on his feet as far as reacting to player interactions and ideas [...] Definitely give his games a try!" - Ken


Player reviews (25)

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