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About me

Hi! My name is Sean, and I've been running TTRPGs for over five years! Some friends volunteered me to run a game, and while I was initially hesitant, once I sat down and ran a game, I never looked back. My big loves outside of the RPG space are film and fighting games, and I try to bring the best things from those two worlds to my game. From film, I bring character-driven storytelling with tight pacing and cathartic payoffs. From fighting games, I bring a focus on tactically challenging and well-balanced encounters. When you combine those two, you get a communal storytelling experience you can't find in any other medium. I'm currently enjoying diving into any TTRPG I can get my hands on. Send me any game you'd like to try, and I'll make it happen! One of my favorite feelings is trying a new system with players and having that "Aha!" moment where the story being told by the mechanics clicks. So many great games are out there, and I'd love to explore them with you! Or, if you're just here for that classic Dungeons and Dragons goodness, I enjoy taking the design lessons and ideas from those other games and applying them to D&D to make the experience more engaging for the players.

GM style

What to expect: - A character-driven game where the adventure is tailored specifically to you and your character - Tactical and challenging combat that will leave both of us on the edge of our seats, cheering for your character to overcome once seemingly impossible obstacles - Role-playing that meets you where you're at. If you want to do a voice, I'll be right there with you! If speaking extemporaneously in character isn't your speed, we will work together to bring that characterization out in other ways and make your awesome character shine. - Storytelling driven by the mechanics of the game. We will work together to empower you to tell the story you want to tell at the table! - An inclusive and safe space for the queer, disabled, and neurodivergent communities.


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