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Greetings, Gamers! My name is Byron and I've been playing TTRPG's for 23 years and running my own games for 22 of those years. I've started two gaming clubs at different schools, created and headed the Traditional Games department of an Anime Convention for about 7 years, plus I hosted a gaming podcast, called Rho Pi Gamma, through 7 successful seasons, and have just started a regular live stream game on Twitch. I'm now trying to make being a Professional Game Master my full-time gig!

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I absolutely love gaming, and being a game master in particular. It's almost impossible to keep me away from the GM Screen for very long. I specialize bringing new players into the fold and to the GM Screen, as well as world building and adapting other material into RPG's. I'm well versed in running 6 different systems, spanning 11 different games, in over 30 different campaign worlds (both published as well as custom made). Plus, I've played in countless more systems/settings. I love telling a great story with my players, and I'm not shy about what type of story, either! Want a space opera? High fantasy dungeon crawl? A magical girl murder mystery while trying to fight off their harem of invading space aliens? I'm good with just about any genre, or scale of story. Whether you're looking to play through a world-altering epic campaign, or just your easy going monster-of-the-week episodic adventure, I can deliver.

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