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About me

Hi, I'm Erina (She/They)! I've been playing role playing games for over a decade and have been a DM for about half that time. I used to run games for my friendly local game store before the pandemic, and have since switched to playing online using roll20. Eventually I'm going to look into running games through talespire, but until then I'm sticking with what I'm familiar with so as not to overextend myself. My game running style is pretty casual for the most part. This means I try to be very welcoming and accommodating for new players while also providing plenty of room for experienced players to try new things. I do typically go by rules as written to streamline the game, however like most GMs I have the occasional house rule. I also do voices! Which I know is a thing lots of players love. I really like to role play, so expect a lot of fun improv and character acting. My goal as a GM is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all players of all types, especially those who struggle to find groups that they feel comfortable in. So if you join one of my games, you're expected to treat your fellow players and myself with respect. Anything otherwise will not be tolerated.

GM style

As a GM, I'm kind of a chameleon when it comes to by game running style. In my experience no two groups are quite the same, and not all GM styles flow with all groups. Generally I'm a more role play focused GM that tries to keep the bigger picture in mind while the players are focused on what's in front of them. But when I'm running for players that love the nitty gritty of combat, I've learned how to channel that role play style into the tactics their enemies use in combat. People who have played in my games know I'm generally very adaptable, and can genuinely enjoy when my players foil my plans and expectations. When role playing I do like to get into character and do voices as well as body language and facial expressions. When I first started I struggled acting out characters that were only given a paragraph or two to their name without so little as an alignment. It used to bother me that I might end up playing the character wrong, and that stunted my ability. After more experience I realized that I'm not just running "Dragon Heist" or whatever, I'm running MY "Dragon Heist". That should give a good idea of how I run my role playing. I stopped waiting for the book to give me clues and cues as to who I was supposed to be and how they were supposed to act, and now I just go with what feels right and what my group would best enjoy. A lot of my role playing is also more light hearted and comical, but I love nothing more than stunning my players with a surprise edge to the story and characters that leaves them intrigued and begging for more.

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