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About me

Hello there, just want to say thank you for taking the time to read this beforehand. My name is Carl, and I have been playing RPGs (mostly D&D) since 1987. I have been running games and creating campaign settings since 1989 for groups as few as 2 players and up to tables with 14 players that had to be split into two parties to run simultaneously. My longest, most consistent gaming group met in person 45 out of 52 Saturdays for five and a half years. I ran Adventurer's League games for D&D5e for the first 5 seasons at my local FLGS, and had the incredible opportunity to introduce a large number of new players to the hobby, many of which went on to run games of their own. I have ran games for children ages 5 up to adults in their mid-70s, both beginners new to the hobby and veteran gamers that were among those that first forayed into the depths of Undermountain. Just as it takes a diverse group of people to populate a world of magic and wonder, my games are a safe place for anyone that wants to play, no matter your nationality, race, religion, or sexuality. Everyone has a story to tell, so let's tell them together.

GM style

Having over three decades of gaming experience, I have had the opportunity to run games for a variety of gamer types, from your kick in the door - hack'n'slasher, to your aspiring character voice actor. I strive to make my games enjoyable and adaptable to the members of my groups, were in everyone has an equal time to enjoy their character the way they want to play. To me the story to be told is the best part of the game, and as such, I love giving descriptions, that help to immerse the player in the game, as my best experiences are when the players feel as if they are part of a living breathing game world. I love combat descriptions to go beyond, "I swing my sword and hit, roll for damage." And when describing the party entering an unknown cavern, I want them to feel the tightness of the narrow opening as their armor and clothing catches on the jagged rocks, the clinging weight of spiderwebs sticking to their skin and hair, smell the dank, acrid air that hangs on a light breeze as air blows from some unseen depth, and hear the chittering and clicking of thousands of insectoid claws and mandibles, only drowned out by the periodic, echoing, pitter-pattering plops of dripping water, and taste the bitterness of their sweat mixed with dirt and detritus. My expectations of players: - be kind to your fellows, treat each other with respect in regards to nationality, race, religion, or sexuality. What players can expect of me and my games: - a safe place in which they can be themselves, and tell the stories of the characters that they want to play; - a mix of role-playing, character-acting, nitty-gritty combat, and challenges for each player and character to feel as if they are part of the story; - a place where new players can feel free to learn the game in a fun environment where they will not judged or feel punished for not knowing all the rules, and where mistakes often lead to fun stories that you can recount for years to come; - a place where new friendships are formed and shared experiences give life to worlds of imagination and adventure.


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