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About me

*ALL GAMES ARE RUN AS A HOBBY OF MINE AND PLAYER CONTRIBUTIONS REALLY ASISST IMPROVING THE EXPERIENCE. Please donate when you can,* I got into D&D back in the days of the panic But my love for the game waned as I switched to the advent of the TRS 80 and atari. Truly these were the pinnacles of the gaming experience. After many years spent in the wilderness of online gaming I was brought back to my love of storytelling in 2020 during the years of the SpellPlaque. With the popularity of VTT I found a new way to play and experience a game that I had thought lost in time. Now I play and DM to enjoy the friends we make along the way and to decry the common enemies we find My games are facilitated by player donations and help to imrove the player exerience. Games are intended for 18+ but a tame 18+ where we show one another respect and kindness before committing war crimes on the goblin commoners. D&D is a game for players and my role as DM is merely to guide you along your path. Booze & 420 Friendly. This experience is a hobby and I appreciate the ability to do this with the help of player donations. We will be using Discord for Voice communication and Roll20 with D&D Beyond for character sheets. The DM experience is new to me but we are here to have fun. That is the main aim of the game. I have all of the sourcebooks available from D&D Beyond (DDB). I use the WoTC material and no UA or Homebrew for now, Character sheets are to be done in D&D Beyond, I have these items on Roll20 right now and plan on expanding there. Lost mines of Phandelver, Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk, Deluxe Essential's Kit including: Storm Lord's Wrath, Sleeping Dragon's Wake, Divine Contention, and Dragons of Icespire Pike, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, Tales from the Yawning Portal, Storm King's Thunder, Waterdeep: Dragonheist, Waterdeep: Mad Mage, Candlekeep Mysteries, Tyranny of Dragons (Includes RIse of Tiamat and Hoard of the Dragon Queen), Keys from the Golden Vault, and Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen! I mostly enjoy the Phandelver and Essentialts kit and like mixing in material from other Sword Coast Adventures in my games, Most of my game start and focus around Phandlain for now although I am expending to Out of the Abyss and Prince of the Apocalypse I also have a great deal of fun running trough Watereep Dragon Heist and would love to run it with Mad Mage to got from lvl 1 to 20. For now I am focused on the new Phandelver, the Essentials kit, STK and a mix of the 3 while bringing in the lore of the Cult of the Dragon. I enjoy combat and would say there is more combat but that there is room to role play within said combat. Please sign up for games within a 24 hours before a start date to give me time to prep introducing you. If you are a new group! I can certainly run a one shot of the Starter Campaign for you. I am open to running for a incoming group at a reasonable rate. I have 2 discord servers set up. One is for campaigns and the other is for short adventures and one shots/adventures. I love running running One shots on my down time as a great introduction to the game and my style of play. I am pretty laid back when it comes to the rules but do stick to the RAW with a little flexibility for fun. We use WoTC material and no Hebrew classes.

GM style

You will need accounts on roll20, D&D Beyond and Discord as well as the Beyond20 addon for Firefox/Chrome browser, A working mic is also essential as we will use Discord for chat and game communication. Games are often streamed on Twitch Live and put up on YouTube I prefer a mix of role play and combat, Combat (and character death) can occur at any moment and clues can be left in the most innocuous of places. I like to provide a solid back story to what is going on and giving the group some leeway as to where this adventure may lay. Will they want to find the lair of the gold hoarding beast or gather knowledge about the missing children to the south? I particularly enjoy the Sword Coast and run adventures along there as that is where I have the most experience. My favorite is to run Lost mine of Phandelver and connect it with Dragon of Icespire peak and beyond. Although I have the other modulars your best experience will be to the play the start's kit expended into Dragon of Ice spire Peak. I enjoy Tyranny of Dragons, Storm King' Thunder and a plethora of homebrew combing them all. Delving into the areas of other modules that interest the group. This makes for great role play and story cohesions. Please join one of my Sword Adventure you won't be disappointed. With the release of the extended Lost Mine campaign I expect to have great deal of fun integrating that ad Dragon of Icepire Peak, Please allow other players to play their characters as they choose. Especially with new players as it can be intimidating. Some of my favorite moments as a player were learning how some of the game mechanics work and I find most players will ask if they have a question. Encouraging creative play is a big part of my table!


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