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About me

Hello, I’m Will, going by Gnoll For Initiative, and I’ve been playing TTRPGs since I was a kid and got my hands on the AD&D 2nd Edition Player’s Guide in 1993. You could say I was a Gamemaster before I was a player, since I used that one book to build stories with my younger siblings. It would be a few years before I found other people to play and learned there were a lot more books to build legends. Needless to say, I’ve been at it ever since, though it’s only recently that I’ve decided to turn my focus away from the office and toward my long-time passion of telling stories like it all started. I loved theatre from a young age, even fought my way into Drama as a freshman, something our school didn’t usually allow (for some reason). I’m not a pro voice artist, but I’m working to build those skills and do my best to make each character sound distinct. I enjoy writing, especially short-form. I’m an introverted extrovert, so I love big bursts of interaction followed by some time with my own thoughts and company, a pattern table top gaming really allows me to indulge. TTRPGs have been a big part of my life. Almost all of my friends play in at least one of my games, and it was through this community that I met my partner, now twenty years strong. No other hobby is as fulfilling to me, and I want to bring that enthusiasm to everyone I'm gaming with.

GM style

My games lean into the basics of improv (yes, and) as well as the rule of cool, bending RAW if there’s something especially fun or cool thrown into the mix. I run games with an emphasis on roleplay and combat, and you’ll find I adapt to my groups’ focus, specializations, and motivations. I encourage my players to remain in character as much as possible, but I encourage anyone who can give us a good laugh along the way. My rolls are made in the open, so be aware I can’t pull those punches and be ready for a challenge! I would say my specialty is presenting the published content people want to experience, while adding my own unique twists. I dip deeply into community-sourced brainstorming to improve, alter, and ensure every campaign is truly unique to the players and characters at its heart. Backgrounds and choices space to make important, even dramatic alterations to the overall story and setting. I bring my NPCs to life, attempting to make them distinct, with their own motivations and outlooks. Many have their own voice, and I’m working on adding accents to my toolkit. Professionally, can expect me to be friendly, creative, passionate, respectful, and punctual. I have an imperfect memory, but I take great notes, so rules and details of the story are readily at hand. I want to see everyone at my table having a good time and getting their own moments, making space for those who don’t speak up as often or easily.


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