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About me

I've been playing DND for as long as I can remember and bringing worlds to life with my players is one of my great passions. I do some volunteer activities locally to to introduce new people to the hobby and their ages tend to range between 7 and 15 for the most part but there are some outliers as high as 75 so I've gotten good at explaining the rules for a wide variety of systems. Since moving to a small town I've decided to see if I can share my passion for communal storytelling with a wider audience.

GM style

My GM Style is pretty flexible in terms of what my players are interested in though I do enjoy "chewing the scenery" as NPCs and can quite happily do entire sessions of RP if that's what my players are interested in. My preference however leans more towards exploration and discovery about the world with my players. I try to do voices and accents for characters but I think my best skill when running a game is creating a sense of verisimilitude and immersion within the shared world of a game and building it out with my players.

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