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About me

Hello! I'm William or you can call me Mr.Bill :). Dungeons & Dragons is my passion. I have lived all over the USA and even hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, Its a hiking trail that goes thru California, Oregon, and Washington ( so I know how it really feels to walk miles everyday, lol). Im constantly honing my voice acting skills by watching videos and practicing new voices. I read D&D source books and wiki pages for D&D lore for fun, after all this has turned from what I thought to be a hobby to my passion. I make a full blown home-brew campaign it is all my creation and will revolved around you as a character. :) I have worked many different jobs and went to college for environmental science. I even started learning how to code. But D&D has truly taken over as my passion. With this new found love I will bring to you the best game I possibly can. I am always working and learning to do more and make my games feel immersive for everyone. I want you all to feel like you are the center of the story. Which we are all the center of our own stories right :).

GM style

I put your story, fun, and shared experiences first - Making the experience to the tastes of the group. I truly want everyone to enjoy their time and hopefully build lasting friendships. While you'll see a little bit of everything in my campaigns, my stories highlight roleplaying, exploration, and battles. I voice-act and use my sales background to create believable NPCs. I allow players to discover world lore I've created. When it comes to battles remember, running is always an option. I want everyone to feel safe and have fun. Will will have a session 0 to go over things that you may feel uncomfortable about so I can make sure NOT to include them in the campaign. New players to a campaign must attend an onboarding Session 0 to know what to expect. New players will find confidence in my games. EVERYONE no mater race, sex, preference, or disabilities will find compassion and fun in my campaigns. šŸŽ­ Colorful NPC interactions. šŸŽ¶ Curated music and ambience. āš”ļø Challenging tactical combat. šŸ¤— A safe and accepting environment for those with disability, neurodivergence, & the LGBTQ+ community. šŸ’„ Custom made maps for your experience, both combat & role-play. šŸ’Ŗ Lots of help if you're a newbie! (I care about enthusiasm rather than experience when picking players.)

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