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About me

Howdy! I started playing tabletop role playing games in the late 90s with DnD 2e and quickly learned how much I enjoyed DMing games for my friends. I was the forever DM for my friends because I truly loved the role of facilitator for my friends' fun. Over the following years I would DM a variety of different systems but, we always came back to DnD. Around 2006, Life got in the way, and I took a long hiatus from role playing. Then in 2018, I reconnected with one of those friends that I DMed for. He introduced me to the Roll20 website and online gaming. I was blown away. I discovered that as long as I would DM (which I preferred anyway) I could always find players to play in my games. I quickly became hooked. In the four and half years I’ve been on Roll20 I’ve consistently run at least 3 games a week and to be honest with you, playing and prepping has filled up all my free time. My passion for DMing lead me to attempt it professionally.

GM style

I aim to provide a balance of the three pillars of Dnd: Combat, Exploration, and Social. I prefer tactical combat and I encourage but don’t require reasonable narrating of the results instead of just announcing die rolls. Be it detailed traveling or travel montage, I’m flexible on overland travel, based on the story or group preference. At dungeon and adventure sites I strive to have high quality maps and encourage interaction with the environment. Strict timekeeping on my end while my groups are dungeon delving coupled with active dungeon denizens is my attempt to simulate a living, breathing dungeon. I enjoy the social interaction between the player characters and my npcs. While I’m not particularly good with accents, I endeavor to create fleshed out npcs with wants, needs, and memorable traits. I believe that visual aids, music, and ambience add to player immersion in my game. As much as possible I use regional and local maps. Almost every battle will be on a high quality dungeon and battle maps with dynamic lighting to facilitate the tactical battle aspects of my game. I provide art handouts for magic items and most npcs. Music and audio ambience gets me pumped to play personally and I aim to provide that for all my players, so I have music for epic narration and battle plus moody ambience for creeping down derelict hallways. I play through Roll20 on which I have thousands of hours of experience with using premium features. I usually play voice only through Discord but I’m flexible based on group preference. Session 0 is always free so you can get a feel for me and the group without wasting money. I take the fact that people are willing to pay to play in my games with their hard earned money very seriously. Therefore, I promise to give 110% effort every session in a manner that is professional, consistent, and punctual. If all this interests you, I invite you in from the cold to have a seat at my table.

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