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About me

Hey there! My pronouns are they/them, and I'm your new GM. Crafting worlds and characters is my passion, and infusing diversity and drama into every aspect of the world is a special talent of mine. If you want a story of a bunch of plucky heroes overcoming oppressive evils, complete with twists and struggles and a dramatic climax or two, that's basically all I do here. Everyone likes a satisfying ending, right? I like to find ways to tie everything up into nice bows, leaving only the most deliberate of loose ends to keep the story open for continuation. So, now that I've convinced you that our game is going to be heckin rad, when do you want to start?

GM style

My motto is: Respect first, drama second, and game third. If you want a thrilling story that respects your boundaries and pits you into challenges you couldn't find elsewhere, my table is for you. I lead everything off with a consent form, so I have a decent grasp of the topics my players feel comfortable dealing with in the game. Respect is mandatory at my table. Once I know what you're comfortable with, I look at the outline of what I had planned and the characters that have been brought to the table, and I find every way that I can to introduce ideological dilemmas, suspenseful mysteries, and climactic struggles worth investing in. Now that I know what the important conflicts are going to be, I can focus on finely crafting mechanical challenges for you, incorporating the dramatic struggles in the design as much as I can.

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