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About me

One fateful misty and torrential evening in the late 70's, my parents took my younger brother and I to their friends home for an adult soirre. The sons of the hosts were tasked with entertaining us and my introduction to roleplaying games began a lifelong joy! I have recently discovered that pursuing my life long dream of a professional ttrpg gamemaster and resource provider is within my grasp. I have GM'ed for approximately 4 decades, using dozens of systems and many differing Gamemaster styles. My longest campaign ran for 22 years! I believe in enabling player agency, while still portraying a realistic campaign environment with reasonable consequences to player choice. Roleplaying is a collaborative hobby between player and gamemaster, where all are involved in the telling of a mutually enjoyable story. The games i enjoy running the most are those where PCs give me a bit of meat with their backstories, so that the narrative involves a bit of each players histories. I enjoy having a bit more social encounters, with a mix of combat and exploration. That being said, I have Gm'ed just about every style of game and embodied almost as many Gm philosophies in my Gamemastering career. Want a dungeon crawl problem. Want to play murder hobbos with your krew...can do it. Political intrigue...hell yeah! All of these ideas are talked about in session zero. This is essential to an enjoyable game, where expectations and desires for the upcoming campaign are discussed. I currently have available a modified Curse of Strahd campaign. I have also gamemastered Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Out of the Abyss, and Saltmarsh. I could also run any other published campaign. There are also several homebrew campaigns that I have written up, but have not had the opportunity to run. These include a Harn campaign, Vampire: the Masquerade, and Ars Magica. I can run any system you like given the time. I run my online games through Foundry, Discord and

GM style

I prefer a style that emphasizes player autonomy and agency, where a story is told is conjunction with the player, where actions have consequences. I like to have social encounters at the forefront, with a mix of exploration and combat. That being said, I can GM any style that players would like to play. want a dungeon crawl, no problem. A political game, no worries. Contact me and we can discuss whatever game you'd like with whatever system you want!

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