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About me

Hi hello! I'm 🌟 Jeff (he/him) 🌟. As a human being with a belly button and an avante garde triple threat (couch potato, goose hater, goat friend) I have other interests that you, another belly buttoned human, may relate to: πŸ“š History 🎧 Audiodrama πŸ‘» Horror πŸ”« Sci fi adventure 🦸🏾 Superhero πŸ’€ Existential dread πŸ”ͺ Crime fic 🎲 Strategy games Now that we have both established that neither of us are 1) aliens draped in human flesh 2) the ghost of a keyboard's past taps 3) boring let's get to the meat of it. I got into the hobby in 2002 when we rode dinosaurs up hill both ways to school. My first character was a barbarian, my second was a mage, and I've played many more in the interim. In 2008 I ran my first game (Cybergeneration) and never looked back. I've been mosty running games for the last 15+ years and having a heck of a time doing it. When it's game time, I'm your character's number one fan. Your creativity? Integral to our shared story. Let's join forces to create a gaming space where everyone is a hero. Let's go! πŸš€πŸŒŒ

GM style

With 20+ years (fml) of experience as a storyteller and gm, I promise you characters that'll stick with you long after our session ends. I utilize a collaborative storytelling approach that requires hard decisions, creative decision making, and (if I'm doing it right) introspection. When we play narrative games we build bridges to new worlds.

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