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About me

I've been playing TTRPGs for almost 3 years now, and have dabbled with being a Game Master for DND one-shots. The game that makes me want to host games is Monster of The Week, a TTRPG based on the Apocalypse World engine. I find it much easier to let my players do what they want but also act rationally as the game is generally high-stakes. Personally as a GM I'm pretty new, but I'm passionate and always ready for constructive criticism. I also tend to overlook certain rules of gameplay if it helps my players do fun and whacky stuff. The Monster of The Week engine is the only one I'm comfortable with so far, but I'm hoping that joining StartPlaying as a GM will help me to learn more.

GM style

Roleplay is the core of game play for me. The point of an RPG is to ROLEPLAY . When you're at my table, you are your character. I refer to players by character name. I want your character to have an awesome backstory and really distinct personalities. I also focus a lot on interpersonal relationships, not only between Players and NPCs but between Party Members themselves. I like to help with character creation because it allows me to work your backstory and character traits into the narrative, so that i can make problems and challenges specific to each party members strengths and weaknesses. Character Voices: Never Required, Always Encouraged

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